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All Star is a super professional company. More importantly though, they are effective. They can get rid of bed bugs. I would recommend them to my mother--but here is hoping my mother never gets bed bugs. 🙂

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Monitored Through Security Cams And He Did A Very Good Job!

--Jack And Vanessa Mnirajd


Tim Takes Pride In His Job. Wonderful Job!!! The Only One I Want To Take Care Of Our Pest Problems. Thanks Tim!!!!  

--Brenda And Larry Schuckman


Very Helpful In Identifying New Bugs That We Have Been Seeing In Garage And In House.

--Jewel Berkey


Extremely Helpful And Friendly And Willing To Do What Was Needed. Thank You Very Much!

--Fernando Martinez


Came On Time And Was Professional, Friendly, And Courteous!

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Gayle Was At Our House For The Pest Control Service On 4.15. He Was Extremely Wonderful And Pleasant To Talk To.. On Top Of That Very Professional. Thank You, Gayle

--Lisa Nguyen 

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The 3 answers you need to know:

We understand that for both home and business owners realizing that you have bed bugs is a big deal. If you need a bed bug exterminator in Wichita, you can count on us. If you are like any of our current customers you will want those bed begs gone immediately and you will definitely want to find a company that is highly competent and effective when it comes to getting rid of these unwanted invaders. Well, look no further! All Star offers the most effective treatments out there when it comes to bed bugs.

How To Identify Bed Bugs:

You might suspect that you have bed bugs and yet not be 100% certain that your problem is in fact bed begs, so here are some tips to identify them. Bed bugs are really small, usually smaller than a grain of rice. Also bed bugs are really good at hide and seek--well at least the hiding part. They like to hide in places like box springs, in mattress seams, in any small holes in the wall or behind headboards. Typically the only time these bugs come out is at night when they feed. So if you haven't seen the the actual bug, thats pretty normal. If you do see a bed bug, they will be a reddish-brown color.  Bed bug bites will leave a red round bite mark that is often misidentified as a spider or a mosquito bite. The bites are usually clustered, and typically there are multiple bites.  I use the word "typical" because everyone reacts slightly differently to the bites of bed bugs. Some people metabolize bites very quickly resulting in very minimal bite marks, and others may experience far more severe reaction to the bites.

If you think you have bed bugs give us a call and we can help you correctly diagnose the situation and then offer a treatment plan that will work for you.

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