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Do you live in Bellevue and think you have a bed bug problem? Pest Control Allstars is here to help!  In 1965 bed bugs were almost extinct. Unfortunately over the past 10 years, they have been coming back in full force all over the United States!  All of us need to be on high alert for active bed bugs in in our homes.   At Pest Control All-Stars, we want to make sure your mind is at peace and your home in Bellevue is free of bed bugs!  The following information can help you identify bed bugs and offer solutions to get them out of your house!

Identifying Bed Bug Pests

Bed bugs have six legs and an oval shaped body.Bellevue Ne Bed Bug Control  They have a rusty-reddish color. As adults, bed bugs can grow to be able half the size of a watermelon seed. Luckily, that means they will be big enough to easily spot them with the naked eye. They really like to hide in furniture cracks, in between mattresses, carpet floors, walls, and sometimes in electronic devices.  When you first get a bed bug bite, it won’t be very noticeable. Later on most people experiences the bites turn into large bumps that become itchy. Even though they are not known to cause any diseases, they can be quite annoying pests and scratching the bites can lead to other infections.


How does an infestation start?

Most people in Bellevue have no idea they have even carried bed bugs into their home. Sometimes they enter into the home with used furniture, clothing, luggage, or even bedding. If you have itchy bumps on your skin, there is a good chance you have bed bugs. If you get these bites it may be beneficial to check underneath your covers and in between your bed. Sometimes squished bed bugs will leave bloodstains, and other dark stains can also show up from their droppings. While you can find signs of bed bugs at any time, bed bugs hide during the day so it may be hard to see the bugs themselves.

Our Bed Bug Treatment Service

Please give us a call us today for a free Bellevue bed bug inspection. If you diagnose the bed bug problem early, it will reduce the money you’ll have to spend as well as the amount of treatment that will be needed to eliminate the problem. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Our Bellevue bed bug exterminators are here to help you live peacefully in your home without any bed bug issues. Your happiness and satisfaction is our main goal!

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