Bellevue Termite Control

Why Would I Need a Termite Inspection?

If you want the best Termite Control in Bellevue Nebraska, look no further! You may already know this but many homes in Bellevue are threatened with attacks by termites. We are here to help you with that problem! Termites cause $5 billion worth of damage to homes and businesses in the United States every year, according to the National Pest Management Association.  Other studies show that within ten to twenty years of being made, buildings or homes constructed out of wood have a 70% chance of being infested with termites.  Some Termite attacks might even happen within one year after being built!  Knowing that the chance of your home may have termites now or that they may come in the future,  it is essential that your home gets a regular inspection. Our  inspectors are Certified and highly trained.  They are excited to help you with inspecting your home from the inside-out for any signs of termite activity. This inspection is a free, non commitment service that will help us and you to know if your home can qualify for our termite protection plan or if any further termite services are needed.

Protect your home with our Termite Protection Services

Right now we are offering an amazing Bellevue Termite Protection Service. Once we have completed your free inspection for termites; we will then let you know the results immediately. If results say that your home is free of termites, you will qualify for our Home Termite Protection Service.  This service is similar to buying insurance for your car.  We will guarantee to keep your home termite free for as long as you own your home.  Should termites infest your Bellevue home at any time while on our protection plan, we will service your home free of charge, saving you thousands of dollars in termite treatments.  As part of the plan, we will also conduct regular termite inspections in and around your home on the same days we do your regular pest-control service. This will allow us to detect any termite activity before damage occurs to your home.

What Should I do if I have Termites?

If our inspector does find that your home has a termite problem, we offer amazing termite elimination services at very reasonable prices. Our certified inspector will share a variety of services with you and seek out an option that will take control of the problem as well as fit your budget.  We use the safest and most potent termite control products available to service your home. We guarantee every one of our Termite Services. Call today to learn more about our Bellevue termite protection services.


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