We had a mouse get into our house. It found its way to the kitchen. We told all star pest control on the regular scheduled visit and they put down a few traps. Still had no luck and knew it was still alive so had them return for a reservice. They put more traps in the kitchen and bait stations in kitchen, garage, and a couple outside. We thought we had caught it a few days later in a snap trap behind the fridge. We didn’t get it right away like we should and instead checked 2 hours later and it wasn’t in the trap and it has went into the wall behind fridge. I called for another reservice and got my regular guy gayle and he took the time to check out the whole house for evidence and found evidence in hallway closet, child’s play room closet, our bedroom closet, downstairs in office, and behind couch so he laid out snap traps and sticky traps everywhere. 30 traps later and a couple days later I found it dead in sons playroom closet in a snap trap. The whole process of catching this one mouse took 30 days and 30 traps. Thanks to all star pest control and gayle my wife was happy and could relax. After speaking with neighbors 3 different houses on same street had caught multiple mouses each within 48 hours but it took 30 days to catch ours. One neighbor said you must have had the smart mouse. It felt like the movie mousetrap.


Written by Justin Perkins (Derby, KS)