Preparing for Flea Control Treatment

Preparing For Flea Control Treatment

When you are looking for the best Flea Control Wichita has to offer, you need All Star Pest Control.  Our Flea Control Experts and Flea Exterminators are constantly being trained and are updated on the best flea control methods.  Call us when you need Flea Control Services for your home or place of work.  Please read the information below to help us deliver the highest quality service for you and your family.

Customer Responsibilities PRIOR TO Arrival of Technician:

€            Pets – Have all pests removed from the structure and yard and treated for fleas by a Veterinarian or licensed Pet Groomer. Ultrasonic flea collars are NOT an effective treatment

  • Consult with a Veterinarian regarding periodic/monthly on-pet treatments
  • NOTE! – Pets are the source of the fleas. Preventing fleas on your pets will prevent flea infestations in your home in the future.

Pets cannot be present during any treatment

  • Aquariums with fish must be either removed or covered and air pumps turned off during treatment
  • Birds, Reptiles, and other exotic pets should be removed during treatment
  • Remove ALL items from all floors – clothing, shoes, toys, pet food and water dishes, litter box
    • Includes closets, under beds, under furniture such as chairs, couches
    • Draperies should be tied back to expose the floor
    • Thoroughly vacuum or wash all floor surfaces, including edges of hard flooring
    • Dispose of vacuum bag or contents in a sealed plastic bag
    •  Vacuum thoroughly any furniture where pets are allowed to sleep or otherwise spend time – remove cushions and vacuum surfaces, seams, and edges below them
  • Pet bedding and other linens pets sleep on must be washed in hot water or run through a hot dryer for a minimum of 30 minutes
  • If you plan to SHAMPOO any carpets please do so and allow it to dry prior to our visit and treatment
  • If pets have access to basement or garage please vacuum or wash these floor surfaces as well
  • Outside – please remove all toys and other objects from lawns or pet areas
  • Remove and properly dispose of all pet wastes in yard or kennels
  • Remove and dispose of yard wastes – leaves, lawn clippings, other plant matter
  • Ensure technician will have access to the back yard


Notes for the customer regarding insecticide applications:

  •  A residual material will be applied to kill adult fleas and larvae. This will be present for 2 – 3 weeks.
  •  A Growth regulator will be applied to affect flea eggs and larvae to prevent there development to the adult stage. This may last as long as 6 months.
  •  Once they have dried all materials used will pose no rick to people or pets that contact the treated surfaces.
  •  Do NOT expect any chemical odor from our application. Most materials today are odorless or nearly so.

The more you can clear the floors in the home, the more effectively the technician can treat areas where fleas maybe living or developing as larvae.

Customer responsibilities FOLLOWING treatment by Technician:

  • Do NOT re-enter the treated rooms until any treated surface is DRY – this will be 2-4 hours, but may be tested by lightly pressing a tissue to the surface
  • Vacuum thoroughly each day for a minimum of 7 days – carpets, upholstered furniture – dispose of contents in a sealed plastic bag after each vacuuming
  • Be advised – it is normal to see an occasional flea adult for 2 weeks following treatment. Daily vacuuming will shorten the length of time this occurs. A chemical re-treatment is not necessary in the first 2 weeks.
  • Ensure no yard watering occurs for 24 hours.


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