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We offer 3 different termite services:

  1. Pest Plus (Termite Insurance)
  2. Home Protection Plan (Advanced Bait Systems)
  3. Liquid Termite Treatments (Curative Treatment)

 Pest Plus (Termite Insurance)

In both Kansas and Nebraska the potential for a home termite attack is considered moderate to heavy, and even though termites cause more damage than tornados, floods, fires and earthquakes combined, most homeowner's insurance policies do not cover the cost of termite treatment. If a home develops a termite infestation the average treatment cost runs between $1,100 and $3,500.  All Star Pest Control has the solution for you. For all of our existing customers we offer a kind of insurance that will cover the cost of termite treatment in the case of a termite attack. We charge you a mere $10 per month and then if your home ever develops a termite issue, we will provide a termite treatment for free. If you ever notice termites, you can call us up and we'll come out to your house and provide whatever treatment is necessary. When you consider the cost of termite treatment versus the cost of this plan, its a no brainer. You could have this have this PEST PLUS termite instance for 30 years before the cost of the plan would become more than the cost of treatment.  Call us and sign up for this PEST PLUS insurance and you'll sleep better knowing that if termites attack your home, the cost of treatment is not going to strain your financial situation in any way--in fact, it will be absolutely free.

Advanced Home Protection Plan

If you would like to take preventive action to protect your home from termites, then we recommend the TERMITE ADVANCED HOME PROTECTION PLAN. With this service our exterminators will install bait stations around your home, which will allow us to monitor termite activity around your home. If one of the bait and monitoring stations ever shows positive termite activity, we can simply activate a termite control product that will effectively eliminate the entire termite colony. The great thing with these bait and monitoring systems is that they do NOT use any pesticides for monitoring. We simply fill the station with cellulose cartridges which are 100% non toxic. The only time we would use a pest control product is if you actually have termites and then we only use a very small amount of product, to deliver a surgical strike on the termite colony.  For this reason, this baiting system is one of the most environment friendly termite options available and it can provide both preventive and curative treatments. Pricing can vary based on the size of a home so give us a call and we'll quote you a price and get you scheduled for an install.

Liquid Treatments

If you have termites and you don't have our PEST PLUS termite insurance, and you don't have a baiting system installed on your home, then the best treatment plan at that point is usually a liquid treatment. A liquid treatment will eliminate active colonies which are already attacking a home structure.  This treatment is extremely effective and it will last for several years after the treatment. We use a product called Termidor. And for those you not familiar with the pest control industry, all experts agree that Termidor is the best, the most effective, and one of the safest products on the market. In field testing this product has been proven to be incredibly effective-- more effective at treating and deterring termites than any other product available. In fact, if you call any other company and discover that they don't use Termidor, you should simply, say thanks for your time but then move on and find another company that does use Termidor.  All Star Pest Control uses Termidor all our liquid termite treatments and we don't cut corners on the treatment. We will do outstanding job for you, and for you home, every time--thats our guarantee. So give us a call. We'll send an inspector out to your home. This inspector will assess the situation and then let you know how much the treatment will cost. If you wish to move forward then we'll schedule the treatment for you ASAP.

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