Wet Weather Methods

Wet Weather Methods
A common question people ask is how effective our products are in the rain. Our technicians are trained on which products to use in different climates and weather. There are some products that are enhanced by moisture, which make the treatment more effective. Our technicians will also use the treatment for the eaves of the house and entry ways. Water-enhanced granule will be spread out from the foundation into the yard to create a barrier around the home. This treatment method is extremely effective and very important in preventing future infestations.

Some people see an increase in insect activity just after it rains. This is usually because rain disturbs the insect dwellings and the reproductive cycles of the pests near your home. It is important to have already applied the treatment in order to minimize invading pests. If, for any reason, you feel that you are experiencing abnormal amounts of insect activity during wet periods, please inform us—we are more than happy to return and retreat your home free of charge.

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