Contest Entry: Alison Hart

I have 4 children that all have Asthma and allergies I moved to Omaha in December from Kansas City. We lived in a shelter for a little while and now we have a town home in Spencer projects. When we came to look at it I didn’t see any bugs, but when we started moving our stuff in they started coming out the wood works. In my lease it says that they come to our home on the 4th of…

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Contest Entry: Justin Perkins

We had a mouse get into our house. It found its way to the kitchen. We told all star pest control on the regular scheduled visit and they put down a few traps. Still had no luck and knew it was still alive so had them return for a reservice. They put more traps in the kitchen and bait stations in kitchen, garage, and a couple outside. We thought we had caught it a few days later in a snap…

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