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We offer the best pest control Wichita has to offer and we guarantee it. If you are currently using All Star or if you’re considering using us for your pest control company, then you are probably going to be interested in exactly what kind of guarantee we offer. First off, we want to let you know that our goal is to do whatever we can to make you feel like you got a great deal. We want you to feel that the service rendered was worth far more than the price you paid.

Now we offer several different types of pest control service:

  • Residential pest Control
  • Termite treatment
  • Bed Bug Services
  • Commercial pest control

in all of these services the guarantee is essentially the same. We are committed to do whatever it takes to achieve the desired results. So at the end of the day our goal is for your home, or your business to be absolutely bug free, rodent free, and snake free.

The way we do this is by offering a no cost re-service policy. Essentially, each one of our services carries a warranty and within that warrantee if you see pest activity you can call us and we’ll come back and perform a special treatment.

Now with that in mind, let me explain a few details of how pest control works. If you use our residential pest control service or commercial service then we typically perform 3 different types of services. We start with a very thorough initial service, then we come back and perform a follow up service 30 days later and then from there we provide regular maintenance treatments.

Now the products we use typically take about 2 weeks to work. Some products take a little more or less time but 2 weeks is the typical norm. So if we just provided a regular service, you’ll get the most effective treatment if you wait about 2 weeks before you call to schedule a re-service.

Now on your very first service, the initial service, sometimes you will actually see an increase in pest activity in the following days right after we treat. I know that not what most people expect when they have their home treated so let me explain how it works. The products we use don’t immediately kill most insects—they usually take about a few days to work. Any product that would work on contact would also be highly toxic to humans, to small pests, and other non-target species. So we use products that are safe for you, your family and your home. These products are effective at controlling insects—they just take a couple days to work. Looking out for your health while killing pests is just another reason we are the best pest control Wichita has.

So many times when we treat, our products will come in contact with spiders, or ants, or other insects and will agitate them but they don’t immediately drop dead, and then many times these bugs will start moving around. Now its not like we attracted more bugs. You already had those bugs, it's just that before we treated, your bugs were hiding in the cracks and crevices in and around your home, and you just couldn't see them. Then we came along, treated, and thereby agitated those bugs causing them to move around.

This situation is even more apparent if your home is brand new, or hasn’t been treated in a while. If you do see more bugs right after we treat, fear not, the products we put down are working and before long your home WILL be bug free. For most people, after using us for a month or so, seeing any pests at all becomes very rare, and seeing pest inside your home will become extremely rare, if you ever see any bugs at all.

With that said, If its been a week or two and you’re still seeing some pest activity, then give us a call and we’ll come back, assess the situation, diagnose the specific problem and then apply a specialized treatment calculated to solve whatever issue that you are having.

Now for bed bugs and Termites we also offer a guarantee however, these treatments are more customized in nature and the treatment plans can therefore vary, I will let the technician explain more about the service and the guarantee when he comes out.

Now, no matter what your pest issue is, All Star will always have your solution. We get results and we are always honest and upfront with our customers. Give us a call—and we’ll be happy to do whatever we can to ensure that when you are relaxing on your porch or in your home, that you more likely to see a lunar ellipse than a pest. Give us a call.




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