Many people across the midwest including Wichita and Omaha are unaware when their home is starting to become infested with pests. Depending on the location of the residence the pests that can affect a home may differ. A question that is asked a lot is, “when am I supposed to call a pest control company?” The answer is you want to be safe rather than sorry. Some infestations can come on quickly and identifying the early signs of an infestation and taking proper action right away can save the homeowner a lot of money and stress.

There are many signs that can tell a homeowner that their house is in danger of infestation. The most obvious one is seeing the pests themselves. This includes insect’s larva and eggs. Also, keep in mind that even if the pests you find our dead, that’s still an indication that there may be a bigger problem than the homeowner is aware of.

The next sign of infestation is seeing signs of life. This includes shed body parts as well as droppings and urine. These are again obvious signs that the home may be in some serious trouble. The pests may be good at hiding but they are horrible at covering their own trail. Also, be aware that urine and droppings can be very dangerous since they do contain pathogens that can be very harmful.

If you see gnaw marks on food packaging you have some unwanted guests. Pests are like humans in a sense and need food, water, and shelter. A home is a perfect place for them because they have all of that. Rodents actually have to gnaw on things because this grinds down their teeth since they are fast growing.

The saying, “sharing is caring” doesn’t need to be true when it comes to pests. They can cause serious economic damage. Termites are well known for this. They will burrow their way into wood surfaces, beams, flooring. They can cause a lot of damage costing the homeowner a lot of money. Rodents are very costing as well since they can chew through wiring and create unwanted holes throughout the entire home.

Usually at night if the walls sound like they are moving this is a sign that you have some infestation. Some rodents and pests like to move around more at night because they are nocturnal or they feel it is safer to do so. Be aware and listen, if you hear something make sure to call All Star Pest Control so we can get rid of these unwanted guests.

If you start seeing hives and nests around your home this is once again a sign of infestation. Mice and rats can build nests within a home and build nests for their babies and if they have a litter within a home, that’s going to be even more unwanted guests to be caught. Some insects will build hives that can be located inside walls, in crevices, behind appliances, and of course the far corner of the attic.

If there are strain smells this can also be a sign that there is a problem. A lot of people aren’t aware but pests do have a smell that associates with them. Roaches have an oily smell, mice have an ammonia-like smell, and bedbugs have a musty, slight sweet smell. Dealing with the smell is horrible and on top of it the smell can actually attract other pests.

If you have noticed any of these signs of infestation in your home please call your friends at All Star Pest Control so we can help resolve the issue. We can help you save a lot of money while taking care of your home and helping prevent another infestation. Your home is for you, not for unwanted guests. We will make sure you have the satisfaction you desire.